Comacchio is a suggestive lagoon town that dates back to Late Roman times built on 13 islands in the middle of an extensive wetlands. The present-day urban center is rich in testimony from the past: handsome churches and monuments suspended between bridges over the canals, the most impressive of which is the 17th Century Trepponti, the ancient main entrance to the city.

"Trepponti" is the city monumental bridge, is composed of five-arched staircases that descend from a central staircase that leads into the square where the fish market is held every morning inside the picturesque building also built in the 1600s. Typical lagoon boats known as "batane" that take on passengers for even more suggestive views of the city are moored along the canals.

Not to be missed:

The new Ancient Delta Museum. It illustrates the centuries-long evolution of the area and the human settlements typical of the ancient Po Delta. Ranging from the earliest traces of civilizations up to the Etruscan city of Spina is particularly noteworthy, containing objects from the built-up area as well al rich grave goods found in its tombs. The precious cargo of Comacchio's Roman ship has been trasferred in the museum. A Roman marchant vessel from the early years of the Empire (the end of the first Century BC) was discovered on the outskirts off coast, which was much farther inland in Roman times, and it was rapiply covered with sand. This quick burial ensured that its entire cargo was preserved for 2000 years, and now yuo cann see both the goods the ship carried, as well as the personal effects of the crew, on display in the museum.
INFO: Comacchio - Via Agatopisto,2 - Tel. +39 0533 311316/81302 - - - -

Thi old canning factory is the industrial home of the eel. The Fire Room is the heart of this worshop/museum, and its 12 fireplaces still blaze from October to December, spit-roasting whole eels. Once they are cooked, the eels are trasferred to the Marnating Room, where they are immersed in brine and left to marinate. The display trail takes you through the steps of a tradition that gives the town its identity. The eels are fished in the nearby Lagoons, and in this place are trasformed from humble fish to sought-after gormet product.
INFO: COMACCHIO - Via Mazzini, 200 - Tel. +39 0533 81742 - - 

CASA MUSEO REMO BRINDISI A museum on the beach:
As well as the family's summer residence, this villa was conceived by Remo Brindisi as a living museum, to be frequented by other artists and the public alike. Surrounded by pinewoods, it houses the personal collectio of great artist, which includeds his own sculptures and painting i addition to works by Fontana, De Chirico, Sironi, Savinio, De Pisis, Vedova, Ernst. The museum also functions as a cultural centre.
INFO: Lido di Spina - Via Nicolò Pisano, 51b - Tel. +39 0533 330963/81302 -



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