This modern holiday centre enjoys the high life. Lido deglI Estensi is the place for having fun, the beach for the young people, and its shopping streets glitter with boutiques. Its beach stations - modern, buzzing and always up with the times in activities and fashion - preside over long beaches of fi ne sand. These are also ideal fun for children, who can play and swim in tranquillity, and for families; but the Lido is especially thrilling for the young people, with discotheques and numerous opportunities for sport and diversion right on their doorstep.

There’s Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball and many other beach games, and as evening falls, the air fi lls with the music for dancing lessons and aerobics.

In the cool air of the evening the shops are open late, and the clubs are full of young dancers. The fi rst part of the evening is spent at the pubs or in the beach bars which stay open late with cocktail barmen and entertainments of all kinds.