Porto Garibaldi began as a fi shing village and grew up around the port, becoming the fi rst beach resort on this coast. The town is characterised by low-rise buildings which maintain the look of a fi shing village along the navigable canal that connects Comacchio to the sea. Bustling fi shing activity focusses on the coming and going of the fi shing boats which leave at dawn to return in early afternoon with a mob of hungry seagulls. Their much prized cargo is best tasted fresh in the numerous restaurants or at home following the recipes of the locals who have always lived from fi shing.

Several traditional events are held every year on the canal port, the real heart of the village, like the Festa della Madonna del Mare in June with its traditional procession of decorated boats, and the great Festival of Hospitality in mid-August when the local Bosco Eliceo wine and anchovies, mackerel and sardines are given away, the evening culminating in a grand fi rework fi nale.