The northernmost part of the Comacchio coast takes its name from one of the older branches of the river Po. It is surrounded by the pine forest of the Foce di Volano Nature Reserve, with its unspoiled charm.

From here you can enjoy direct contact with unspoiled nature to the fullest: the beaches, with their sandy shore made for long walks and sunbathing, are protected by a large pinewood and look towards the great Po Delta and the Sacca di Goro.

Today this most unspoiled of the Seven Lidi boasts a modern tourist port near the bridge over the Volano. Due to its slightly isolated position, open to the winds and marine currents, it is the best place for specialised sports like kite surfing and windsurfing.

Its pinewoods (pineta) are owned by the government and are there to guide the local development of environmental tourism; they are a nature reserve where you can wander for relaxation. The area is made up of recently deposited stretches of sand, which were planted with trees in the mid 1930s to save them from being eroded by the sea. As well as the Common Pine and the Maritime variety (more tolerant of salty ground), other species have been introduced like the ilex and the farnia oak.